Countdown to Hope

The Hope Festival

The HOPE Festival supports the Hope Alliance; a group of six (6) non-profit entities with a holistic community care model that serves social impact in the areas of veterans, hungry children, the homeless, drug & alcohol recovery and mental health, autism, and human trafficking – right in your local community.

We are proud to present pre-registration for The Hope Festival, an online web app (6 Days of Hope Competition), that celebrates all areas of Art and Entertainment Talent that includes, but are not limited to filmmaking, music, sculpting, graphic artwork, singing, dancing, and screenwriting. The contestants have an “Impact Business” mindset by supporting one or more of the Hope Alliance causes. All donations will be received in a transparent depository system which will be disseminated to the nonprofits by the host nonprofit. These funds will service the immediate needs & dire straits of the community. Please join us in support of this hugely impactful cause and initiative!

Join The HOPE Art, Music and Film Festival
Support the Hope Alliance nonprofits and BE THE HERO to our Heroes!